It is with great sadness that we announce, after much consideration, that with the current virus situation, as well as ever changing rules and regulations that the Glenville Oktoberfest will not be happening this year at ‘our haus’ (Maalwyck Park).

As we continue to celebrate Glenville 2020 we are hoping to continue to work with our friends at the Town of Glenville to still host a toast (or two) from a safe social distance on September 26, 2020.

As our event has grown into a regional event to feature all the great Glenville businesses (and celebrate Oktoberfest), the number of volunteers, the financial commitments, and reliance on various safety groups has also grown… with so much uncertainty we chose the ‘safe’ route and look forward to using our resources for a legendary 2021 event (mark your calendars – Sept 25, 2021)…


Your Glenville Oktoberfest Committee